How YAM Works

 YAM is organized in a collection of articles, which you may read in any order.

If you are visiting YAM for the first time, we recommend that you begin with "Welcome to YAM."

You may find it useful to follow a logical sequence of YAM articles; so if you wish to peruse YAM "from beginning to end," so to speak, you will find that sequence reflected in the YAM TOPICS section.

Many of the articles are supplemented with additional readings and with short video clips. Each video contains advice from a veteran person engaged in accreditation on one specific topic related to the article.

All the YAM topics are listed at the left of every page, so you may browse in any order you choose.

Accessible from every page is a glossary of definitions, answers to frequently asked questions, and links or contact information for all the component organizations (Committees on Accreditation) within the CAAHEP network.

You will also find a link to "The Site Visitor Quiz." This is another special portion of the CAAHEP Website that is a primer for site visitors -- the people who visit education programs during a portion of the accreditation process. While it is not designed specifically for Program Directors, you are welcome to try the quiz. You may find it an intriguing way to understand what site visit teams do and what they are looking for as they visit an educational program. Allow an hour's time.