Site Visitor Quiz

Program Directors: Welcome to the site visitor quiz

CAAHEP's design of The Site Visitor Quiz takes advantage of the format of a quiz -- and the psychology of taking a quiz -- to teach a series of short lessons to potential site visitors (most of whom, by the way, are selected from the ranks of Program Directors).

There are 3 versions of the Quiz. They differ in small ways, but the three versions are quite similar.

The idea is to help a potential site visitor -- in the first Quiz -- to discover how much they either know or don't know. After each Quiz question, the correct and incorrect responses are explained. And, as in YAM, there are opportunities to review additional readings and to watch videos.

If these little lessons have been absorbed, the 2nd time through the Quiz the site visitor is likely to know most or all of the answers. If not, again each right and wrong response is explained, and the videos and readings are once again available.

The third time, the Quiz is a kind of test; the answers are scaled back to right and wrong; and a score is kept. We know now that the concept behind the Quiz works. Most users score close to 100% on the third attempt.

Several CoAs require that before someone attends a training workshop for site visitors, they first must experience the Site Visitor Quiz.

So, as a Program Director, we urge you to use the Quiz in the same way. Take it once; learn from errors. Take it twice; learn from whatever errors remain. Take it a third time to demonstrate how well you've learned.

When you've finished,

  • You will have a very good idea of what Site Visitors should be doing -- and not doing -- during a visit to your program.
  • You will have a good idea of what Site Visitors will expect of you, and how you can make the process go well.
  • You will have a better sense of what Site Visitors are looking for, when they review your Self-Study and other documents, talk with students, advisory committee members, etc.

Start the Site Visitor Quiz

Allow at least an hour for the Site Visitor Quiz.